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We design, develop, and ship world-class software applications that help companies accomplish the impossible.

Agile, Scalable, Data-Driven, User-Centric Product Engineering
We are an inter-disciplinary team that marries Design and Engineering with Business strategy and Marketing, hence making better products that users need. Our services encapsulate Product Management, UX Design, Data Science, Analytics and Product Marketing and ensure that every product module that is being designed and developed is in-line with the broader Business goals of the company, and also follows a User-Centered Design methodology which puts the end-users at the center of what is being developed.
Product Strategy

We work closely with Business teams to understand their vision which helps us create a custom-made Product Strategy. As part of the process, we understand the problems faced by customers, analyse the user personas and perform in-depth market research before detailing the execution roadmap.

Product Design

We design world class enterprise applications that users rave about. Our expertise right from user research to usability engineering ensures that all the products we build are user-friendly, usable and delightful. From web to mobile and data visualisation to dashboards and analytics, we’ve got you covered.

Product Development

We build highly scalable, cloud/non-cloud native applications based on microservices architecture. All our products are optimized for search, high throughput transactions and highly scalable data storage. We use latest web technologies to create truly fast event driven product and user experiences.

Product Analytics

We craft products that are highly data-driven and enable our clients analyze, measure and improve their customer experience. We achieve this by capturing all the data-points of user behaviour on the product. Our motto is to collect real-time interaction data, identify issues and improve the UX.

AI/ML/Data Science

We build point AI solutions for businesses using supervised/unsupervised Machine Learning techniques working on both statistical analysis and deep neural nets. The primary use cases served with these algorithms are anamoly detection, pattern recognition, clustering, sentiment analysis and data classification.

Product Marketing

We believe user onboarding is one of the key ingredients that defines the success of a product. It’s not enough to build a perfect app, if it is not marketed well. Hence, we tirelessly work on getting the onboarding and email workflows right along with the right product messaging to improve user retention.

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